Here are the Rules for the Kimberley Oldtime Accordion Championships – 2011.

1) Each contestant in all old-time categories will be required to prepare three old-time dance tunes for each category entered, including an old-time waltz, a polka, and a schottische.

2) Adjudicating for old-time categories will be based on the following:

A) Musical Correctness and Technique 30%
right hand technique – left hand technique

  • musical correctness – complexity of piece
  • bellows technique – bellows control
  • time signature – memory – embellishments

B) Phrasing and Old-Time Feeling 40%
use of phrasing, accentuation and dynamics to create movement, liveliness & old time dance feeling

  • choice of piece for old time danceability
  • complexity of piece – tasteful use of embellishments

C) Danceability 30%
tempo – timing – continuity of timing and tempo

  • rhythm and beat for danceability
  • choice of piece for dancing pleasure

3) Each score sheet will be made available to the contestant by the end of the event and the decision of the judges is final. Order of appearance will be determined by a draw made by the Committee prior to beginning of the competitions.

4) Two selections will be played at one seating during the playdowns with the third selection played during finals if chosen as finalist. The three tunes may be played in any order. Except in Band category where all 3 pieces will be played in one sitting and finalists will not be selected.

5) Anyone competing in more than one category must select three different pieces for each category.

6) Time limit of each selection is limited to three minutes (points may be deducted for exceeding the limit).

7) Anyone winning two years in a row, in any specific old -time category, will be considered a Retired Champion and must sit out one year before re-entry in the same category, except in categories where age limits have been changed and in the Happy Hans Open. Duet winners in two consecutive years may enter in a third consecutive year with a different partner.

8) No electronic or electrified accordion may be used in any old-time category, except in the Band category where the lead must still be played with the acoustic accordion and in the case of the new reedless accordions where a natural reed sound must be used.

9) Contestants are limited to one entry only in the Duets Junior and Senior categories.

10) Contestants may enter as many categories as they qualify for.

11) Professionals are allowed only in the Band and Popular divisions as well as the Happy Hans Open.

12) For the purpose of these competitions, a “professional” is anyone actively pursuing a career performing on accordion.

13) Proof of age must be made available upon request from KIOTAC Committee.

14) The Committee reserves the right to limit entries in any category.

15) Any category receiving less than four entries is subject to review by the KIOTAC Committee.

16) Closing date for entries: Postmarked no later than June 1st. The Committee reserves the right to accept late entries at it’s discretion and for its own purposes.

17) For the purpose of these competitions, “old-time” shall refer to the manner and style in which the selection was written or is being played, not to the selection’s age or ethnic origin. Old-time music is fittingly described as the style and tempo that has been predominantly and successfully used for dancing the polka, waltz and schottische throughout a broad cross-section of Western Canadian communities during the past century. With this as a guide, the decision of the Old-time judge is final.

This must be a group of six or less with a predominate accordion lead. The accordion may be amplfied but not electronic in the lead part and must lead 2/3 of the time. Professionals are allowed. No age limites. The entire band will be judged by the same criteria as in other categories but only the accordion “technically.” Bands are not limited to one accordion. PLEASE NOTE: Electronic Rhythms or bass will NOT be permitted in any category.

Open old-time category to diatonic accordions of all types and styles.

A choice of one selection is left up to the contestant with a time limit of six minutes. A copy of this piece is required for the adjudicator. Examples include Hungarian Dance #6, Romanza, Rhapsody in Blue etc.

A choice of one selection is left up to the contestant with a time limit of six minutes. As many as three accompanists of any instrumentation, including voice, are allowed. Accordion need not be lead but must be highlighted and preferably predominate. Open to any style or genre of music other than old-time or classical. Judged primarily on professional delivery and the distinctive use and emphasis of the accordion.

22) JAZZ Category is open to any individual or group of six or less of any instrumentation including voice. Must feature an acoustic accordion which may be amplified but not electronic. No electronic rhythm or bass is allowed. Choice of one selection of any Jazz style is left up to the contestant’s discretion with a time limit of six minutes.

23) The decisions of the KIOTAC Committee shall be final regarding all of the above rules, except for scoring which will be the responsibly of the adjudicators chosen by the Committee and tabulations which are performed by non-committee members.

The World Old Time Accordion Championships could not be as successful without our top quality adjudicators.