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Here are some comments on the first picture: Edwin Erickson doing some damn fine entertaining in the Happy Hans Campground back in the early days of the Kimberley Old Time Accordion Championships. — with Bill Baerg.

Connie Jensen – Accordion playing Sasquatch.

Edwin Erickson – The first Zero-Sette ever imported into Canada – top-of-the-line Model B32c. Weighed about a ton and a half. Remember when that shipment arrived, Bill Baerg? The summer of 1974 – we finished opening it in Jim Bannatyne’s little house where we stayed the first summer in Kimberley. The 2nd year we lived next door on the 2nd storey of Jim’s other house. That’s the year all the accordion players arrived for the first edition of KIOTAC. I remember the famous saying, “Leo Aquino’s in town!”

Bill Baerg – “Those were the days , my friend” …… “we thought they’d never end”

Connie Jensen – Well said, Bill.

Greg Tucker – Looks like Edwin is serenading the tree!!!

Kyle Erickson – I didn’t know Gimli played the accordion.

Edwin Erickson – Very well said, Bill. You’re absolutely right – “we thought they’d never end!”

Edwin Erickson – I serenaded a lot of trees (and other organisms) those days, Greg!

Jacqueline Jensen – Those Were the Days….Aino’s theme song ( along with Delilah ). Some great times were had in Kimberley, especially in the early days. So sorry to see the accordion competition is ending

Edwin Erickson – I had forgotten just how well he did those tunes until I converted those tapes last time you were out. Man, what a voice!

From the second picture here are some comments: Here is Edwin Erickson and some oof his accordion students at KIOTAC many years ago. — with Kerstin Pelletier.

Edwin Erickson – Geez, where are you finding all these great old photos? Brings back a lot of memories. Also in this pic: Kevin Sharp, David Gulde , Pauline Valberg, Linda Sharp Nagata & Wes Baker.

Linda Sharp Nagata – Now that was a long time ago! Wow!

Edwin Erickson – I’d say around 1980, Linda, give or take a year or two. That’d be 32 yrs ago! No damn wonder we’re getting old!

Bill Baerg – Are you sure that’s not Darcy Hager beside you, Ed ? I think it was Kerstin Pelletier’s first year competing. I don’t remember David being “that” skinny.

Connie Jensen – Now he’s pondering…all the while practicing some of his Jularbo repertoire.

Edwin Erickson – He was pretty skinny those days! I was probably playing the ORA by then, so David would have been playing my old Zero-Sette from the other photo. Pretty sure it’s him, alright. Darcy may have moved on by then… What year was Darcy the minstrel?

Bill Baerg – First one after you guys ! !

Edwin Erickson – OK, so that would have been 1977. Aino & I were minstrels in 1976.

Kerstin Pelletier – That is definitely not Darcy, so must be David. Thanks for sharing this old & wonderful photo!

Edwin Erickson – I do remember Kerstin & those red pants. I think it was her first year competing. I remember sitting in the crowd at McKim and almost crapping out of nervousness when she was playing!

Erick Erickson – Mckim that’s it. I was trying to think of the name of that venue.

Bill Baerg OK !! – So what year is the picture and why is it not Darcy Hager, Kerstin Pelletier ???

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