The Softones

This multitalented versatile show and dance band, are also international recording artists, acclaimed Gold Record and Gold Reel award recipients from Ampex Corporation – Redwood City, Calif. All the members of “The Softones” claim the joy of growing up in households where music was an integral part of the family culture. “The Softones” have released several recordings since 1994, Throughout Canada, United States, & Europe, under the direction of Fame Music Production.

They include: Music Makers At Home, Dreams Come True, The Softones Most Requested, Melodies From The Heart (acclaimed Gold 1997) Polka’s Waltz’s & Macarena, My Love For You, & Down Memory Lane.

* Have performed at Kiotac several times in the past 30 years.
* Appeared on numerous radio & T.V. programs.
* Winter Tours – Arizonia, California, & Texas Bus Tour
* Summers Tours – Alberta, B.C., & Saskatchewan.
* Cruised with their fans in the Carribean and along the Mexican Riviera, performing
while on the
cruise ship.
* 33 day Bus Tour across Canada to the Maritimes & Eastern United States.
* Bus Tours to Billings, Montana Big Sky Polka Fest.
* Gospel Concerts in Canada & United States.

“The Softones” consist of:

Ed Breitkreutz – Band Leader, Accordion, Organ, Vocals, Composer & Arranger
Lucien Weinmeyer – Stand up Bass Fiddle & Vocals
Dorothy Weinmeyer – Keyboard
Roy Warnke – Guitar & Vocals
Lydia Breitkreutz – Vocals
Cecile Dombeski – Vocals

This group comes from Tilley, Brooks, Seven Persons, & Calgary, Alberta.
They are delighted to be performing at Kiotac.

The Softones is performing at the Dance, on Monday July 9th