Mario PedoneBesides Adjudicating all week Mario will present a Concert for your enjoyment and we know he will exceed expectations.
Mario  Pedone  was  born in 1951, in Valenzano Italy and then  immigrated  to Valencia,  Venezuela  in 1959 where he persistently begged  his  father to let  him  start  accordion  lessons. Mario devoted at  least  4  to  5  hours  per  day  practicing  until  his  father  screamed  “GIVE  US  A  BREAK  ”  but  that didn’t  stop  Mario  from  playing  his  beloved  instrument,  and  after  a  few  years (1976)  Mario  graduated  with  a  degree  of  ” PROFESSOR  OF  ACCORDION ”  from  the ACADEMIA  DE  ACORDEON  SMITH   After  graduation  Mario  founded  his  own  accordion  school, ACADEMIA  DE ACORDEON  LATINA, where he had over 125 students; most of whom are now  playing professionally.
In  1981,  in  search  of  a  better  future,  Mario moved to Sugar Land, Texas  with  his   wife and children from where he continues to perform  professionally  in  many countries as well as performing weekends at a  local  German  Restaurant  in  Houston. His musical range includes, but is not limited to Classical, Latin, Tango, European and American Standards too numerous to count. He also produces CDs and collaborates with other musicians and specializes in Accordion.
Mario was recently invited to perform in the Famous Accordion Festival celebrated in Ransäter, Sweden and has also performed concerts with Symphonies in New York, Dallas, Austin, and Boston. Kimberley, Leavenworth, Victoria, and many other cities in the U.S. have hosted Mario for Adjudication, Concerts and Workshops over the past 10 years.

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