Returning 2009 World Digital Accordion Champion Cory Pesaturo is a graduate of the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA, where he was the first musician ever to major and graduate in the accordion.

A prolific winner in many International Competitions he has performed in many countries including Japan, New Zealand, and Tunisia. Pesaturo’s extensive resumé includes appearances at the White House for President and Mrs. Clinton on 4 different occasions, starting at age 12.

Whether playing Tchaikovsky or Thelonious Monk, Cory’s musical maturity contradicts his young age. The thoughtful, easygoing young man is poised to make his mark as an up-and-coming virtuoso with a dynamic vision; not just to unleash his own potential,
but the accordion’s as well.

We are excited to feature Cory once again with a special presentation of Italian folk music to round out our Wednesday Night Spaghetti Supper.